The Program

Parlamentarisches Patenschafts-Programm für junge Berufstätige (PPP) Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals (CBYX)

Transatlantic Exchange Program –
Work/Study scholarship program with a strong focus on cultural exchange

Target countries: United States of America, Federal Republic of Germany Commissioned by: American Congress and German Bundestag
Time frame: since 1984

Project Description:

The CBYX program began in 1983 as part of the President ́s International Youth Exchange Initiative in cooperation with the German Bundestag. In celebration of 300 years of German immigration to the United States,
this program was established as a symbol of the long-standing friendship between the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany.

In the United States and Germany, young professionals have limited opportunities to participate in a publicly funded exchange program. For this reason, it has always been the foremost goal of the CBYX program to provide this group of young people with a chance to study and work in a foreign country. The US is an important global player and Germany is an important political and economic member of the European Union; therefore, a pro- longed stay can be especially interesting and beneficial for young Germans and Americans. Designed as a work/study scholarship program, it gives participants an understanding of everyday life, education, and professional training in the respective country. In addition, experience in international working environments helps creating a future-oriented workforce on both sides of the Atlantic that will be able to understand global decision-making processes and act on different levels as citizen ambassadors for their country.


The program is designed to contribute to the intellectual exchange of thoughts, perceptions, and ideas between the two countries and helps to eliminate mutual stereotypes and prejudices through personal experience. In this sense, the goal of this program is the improvement and strengthening of the German-American mutual under- standing.

Each participant assumes a personal responsibility for the success and future development of the program in years to come. The individual success in the Congress Bundestag Program depends greatly on participant ́s initiative, motivation, and flexibility.

Designed to give participants understanding for everyday life, education and professional training in Germany and the United States:

  •   Promotion of mutual understanding for political and cultural values
  •   Setup of a long term German-American network, intensifying German-American   relations
  •   Breaking down prejudices and stereotypical assumptions
  •   Career advancement of management trainees with a strong bicultural understanding and competence
  •   Know-how-transfer
  •   Internationalization of future workforce
  •   Promoting occupational mobility
  •   Intensifying of contacts between the members of both parliaments

Target group: Young professionals in business, technical, vocational and agricultural fields up to 24 years of age

12-month program for 75 Germans (run by US partner org. with funds from US Dept. of State)

4-5 month community college training – courses in ind. field and ESL (English as a foreign language) 40 hours of volunteer work; 6 months internship in ind. career field

12- month program for 75 Americans
2 months language training, 4 months at a German university (of applied sciences) or vocational college 40 hours of volunteer work; 5 months internship in ind. career field

Members of the German Parliament and U.S. Congress act as sponsors for one participant from their constituency. Partner Organization in the US: Cultural Vistas Inc., New York/Baltimore

PPP CBYX Program description

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